Brand Overview

Value-oriented brands, Customer needs-related brands

Unitech connects everything under the name of 'Uni'

  • Adhesive Solution, Unitech Brand
  • Adhesive Solution, Unitech Brand
  • Adhesive Solution, Unitech Brand

Our products are developed to contribute
customer satisfaction throughout new value creation.

We aim to create values by developing products with our best effort.

Our brands illustrate the way how customer’s serious needs can be solved.
'Uni' means the one, and our 'Uni' brands clearly show they have an important role to connect the world into one.

  • What are the advantages of the industrial adhesives by Unitech?

    Adhesives produced by UNITECH guarantee safety in all industrial sectors of the end-users, widely ranging from structural adhesives to sealants.

    UNITECH always takes into consideration, the required adhesive strength, materials and conditions used, health and safety of workers and the environment.

    UNITECH adhesives guarantee outstanding adhesive strength and surrounding performances.