UNITECH, providing apex adhesion/sealing
solutions in the aerospace sector

Overview of Aerospace Business

Private space travel, countries resuming lunar exploration, construction of the lunar base, and exploration of lunar resources. These are no longer just sci-fi movie scenarios.

In the past, space was for research and exploration. We are now entering the era of the space economy. Mankind is planning to provide the foundation for deep space exploration shortly by constructing a lunar orbit space station and lunar base, etc. to venturefurther into space further away.

One of the biggest differences between the current space industry compared to that of the past is the role of private companies.

There are over 10,000 private space companies globally, and their corporate value accumulateup to a total of USD 4 trillion (Space Tech Analytics 2021), and it prospects that the space industry will become one of the largest businesses in the future.

  • 10,000
    No. of Private Space Companies in the World
  • USD4trillion
    Total Corporate Value of Global Private Space Companies

UNITECH is adding to value in the aerospace industry

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Related to Applicable Rockets

  • Project

    Supplying fuel tank adhesive for small satellite launching vehicle to Company P

  • Fuel


  • Oxidizer

    Liquid Oxygen

  • Thrust


  • Size

    (L) 3.2m / (D) 0.19m / (W) 51kg

Application details of UNITECH products

  • Fuel tank (CFRP material) adhesive

UNITECH holds various product solution that can accelerate the growth of the aerospace industry.

Especially, the cryogenic adhesive technology applied on the LNG carriers enables the adhesive to maintain the original properties even in the cryogenic environments of outer space.

In the aerospace industrywhere lightweight and stability in a cryogenic environment, etc. are important, UNITECH is adding value.

  • What are the characteristics of UNITECH adhesives for the aerospace industry?
    The main characteristic of UNITECH products is that original property of the adhesive is maintained even in cryogenic environments (-253℃).
  • As for the adhesive for the aerospace industry, what is the reason for using 2 liquid-type polyurethane adhesive?
    2 liquid-type polyurethane adhesive can be applied to various lightweight material in the aerospace industry, and also could be used on materials that require flexibility.
  • Can the various properties required by the customers be satisfied?
    UNITECH operates a laboratory for flexibility in development according to the properties required by the customers.
  • In what process are the adhesives required by the customers being developed?
    Customer requirements are received to review the feasibility of development, and the adhesive is developed and manufactured for use in Korea, USA, Europe, China and Japan, etc.