Unitech seeking for the talented Uni-person
who desire to change the world and build up their dreams.

Looking for talented
persons to share the future
with Unitech.

We recruit talents who can provide the best
solutions to our customers with the mindset of
challenge · passion · cooperation · global mind, the
core values of Unitech
  • Challenge
    Progressive talents seeking
    success with creative ideas,
    fearless innovation and
    willingness to adapt
    to changes
  • Passion
    Talents devoted to
    the work, reliably performing
    tasks with responsibility
    for the company and
  • Cooperation
    Talents mutually cooperating
    for the common goal, beyond
    the boundaries of departments –
    based on mutual consideration
    and respect
  • Global
    Talents supporting the
    customers all around the
    world, by improving their
    expertise with endless

HR system

Unitech strives to inspire the work ethic of the employees and to enhancer work satisfaction.

  • Evaluation system
    Fair performance evaluation system ​Regular performance assessment
  • Promotion system
    Special Promotion system​ for outstanding employees​
  • Salary
    Competitive Salary​ Incentive system​

Welfare benefits

  • Support
    Tuition expenses for the children of employees, as well as support for various events including congratulations and condolences, and a mutual aid society
  • Salary system
    ncentive system, retirement pension, reward for long-term service, outstanding employees award and family allowances
  • Working environment
    Cafeteria, staff lounge, sleeping room, fitness center (gym, screen golf club), company housing, canteen and exhibition hall
  • Refresh
    Use of company resort, summer vacation, congratulatory and condolence vacations