UNITECH listens from customers' voice
throughout variety of product development experiences

Overview of Electronic Product Business

As the electric vehicle battery market is expanding, so is the demand for electronic products, and UNITECH products
with high reliability are being used extensively.
UNITECH electronic adhesives identify in detail the rapidly changing battery market and requirements from the places using electronic
products and provide high-quality products.
UNITECH will not settle for its current position, and aspire to develop high-quality products required by the market to provide a higher level of solution to the customers.

Thermal Conductive Gap Pad, Thermal Interface Materials Thermal Conductive Gap Pad, Thermal Interface Materials

Adhesive solutions
for electronic products

UNITECH’s electronic product solution supplies products that correspond to the needs of the customers based on its solid technology.
This enables the customer’s requirements to be satisfied more quickly and effectively compared to other solutions.

  • Potting compound
    Stable shielding function from the
    environmental impacts and provision of adhesiveness
  • Thermal conductive adhesive
    Used in a wide range of electronic applications
    as the adhesive including thermal fillers such as aluminum oxide
  • Sealant
    Used on sealing the surface for
    preventing the penetration of liquids or gases
  • Thermal Pads
    Effective thermal interface
    between the heat sink and electronic device


  • Electric/Electronic Potting Agent

    Thermal Conductive Gap Pad, Thermal Interface Materials

    Electric/Electronic Potting Agent with outstanding insulation performance and durability

    Product characteristics
    Electric/electronic products are protected effectively from various environmental conditions for use
    Effective electrical characteristics are enabled based on outstanding insulation performance
    Main Products
    The Epoxy potting materials for ignition coil.
  • Sealant

    Thermal Conductive Gap Pad, Thermal Interface Materials

    Sealant used for the purpose of watertight and airtight capacities against liquids and gases

    Product characteristics
    Sealant with airtight and watertight capacities suitable for the working site
    Customer-customized sealant satisfying various conditions of the site
    UniCore® Series
  • Thermal conductive gap pad

    Thermal Conductive Gap Pad, Thermal Interface Materials

    Pad-type solution for thermal management of the heat sink and adhesive material

    Product characteristics
    Convenience in workability making it available for easy use
    Carrying 1~7W/mK level of various pad types
    UniShield® Series
  • Where are the UNITECH electronic products used?
    Currently, potting agents are mainly used for the purpose of protecting the coils (ignition coil, etc.).
    The portfolio is expanding to the potting agent for the motors and adhesives for camera modules & circuit boards, etc.
  • Can UNITECH products be applied to other fields?
    UNITECH products can be applied for molding on filling the gaps that are relatively small in size or fine gaps.
    However, other solutions may be proposed according to the necessity of electrical characteristics.
  • Can UNITECH products be used in environments exposed to moisture?
    UNITECH products use acid anhydride hardeners to secure the electrical characteristics, heat-resistance, weather-proof ability and chemical-resistance, etc.
    Acid anhydride is vulnerable to moisture, so moisture must be avoided as much as possible when hardening the product.
    After curing, it obtains superior durability against moisture.