Unitech realizes customer satisfaction through quality and competitive product development.

We create values. Passionate research
and differentiated technologies make it possible.

R&D is the source of competitiveness and future growth engine of Unitech,
and research capabilities are focused on the development of adhesive & sealant technologies to maintain our leadership in the world.

A Wide range of research devices and international human resources derives outstanding
capabilities and technologies together with global R&D centers in Korea, Slovakia and Germany.

Core research areas

  • Automotive industry
    High-performance polymer

    Development of high toughness polymer design technology

    Optimization of polymer synthesis process

  • Automotive industry
    Structural adhesives

    Development of structural adhesive with outstanding toughness

    Strain/high-stiffness structural adhesive

    Structural adhesive with foaming technology

  • Automotive industry
    Lightweight technologies in structure/process

    Multi-material structural adhesive

    Adhesives for Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and molding materials

  • LNG carriers
    Cryogenic adhesives

    Development of cryogenic (-163℃ or lower) adhesive

  • Future industries
    Various applications in electricity/electronics

    Molding materials for carbon composites

    Structural adhesive between the metals and composites

    Customized potting agent for productivity

Technical specialists

  • Numberof total global employees


  • Number of total R&D employees


More than 20 percent head counts with technical role

Quality/technology certificates

  • ISO 14001:2015

    Production of Sealant

  • ISO 45001:2018

    Production of Sealant

  • VDA6.3

    Process Audit

  • ISO 9001:2015

    Design, development and production of automotive/marine sealants & adhesives

  • IATF 16949:2016

    Design and production of sealants

  • M Specifications

    Technical approvals for LNG Containment Systems


  • Production

    Global production facilities in
    4 continents (Korea/Slovakia/China/USA)

    Prompt product supply available
    through good proximity
    with major customers

  • Techonology

    More than 20 years experiences
    in automotive and marine
    chemical solutions

    Excellent processing technologies

  • Process Automation

    Optimized production process
    with robots and systems

    Great level of automation
    for productivity

Production capacity

Cast Resin Transformers, Wind Blade Adhesive Cast Resin Transformers, Wind Blade Adhesive

Research vision

  • Focus developments in future mobility technology

  • Improve global R&D network

  • Promote open innovation

Research & Development centers

  • Cast Resin Transformers, Wind Blade Adhesive
  • Cast Resin Transformers, Wind Blade Adhesive