Corporate Identity

Unitech, your reliable partner for innovative solutions


Excellence in Specialty Chemical Systems

The signature CI of Unitech refers newly developing innovative partner Uni, which provides leading technologies to a variety of customers with our the slogan ‘Excellence in Specialty Chemical Systems’

CI Symbol

  • Global competence
    The intersecting point of the two circles refers to the meaning of ‘One’, delivering the identity of the Uni Corporation.
  • Pursuit of technology and innovation
    The triangular symbol represents Unitech’s attitude of being ready for changes, innovations, cuttingedge technology and innovation
  • Growth with partners
    The shapes ‘u’ and ‘n’ on the bottom of the symbol are facing each other to illustrate the will of Unitech to grow together as a partner

CI Color System

  • Unitech Pink

    PANTONE 213C

  • Unitech Yellow

    PANTONE 1235C

  • Unitech Navy

    PANTONE 2758C

The color pallet above represents the brand identity of Unitech.