Unitech pursues sustainable business
for the innovative solutions

We believe that small efforts and changes
lead the development of mankind.

As a leadingchemical company, Unitech is continuing
the efforts to create and maintain values for mankind’s society, as well as to share these values with our customers.

  • Realization of Eco-friendly Values


  • Mankind, progressing into the 4th industrial revolution era, is faced with technological challenges as well as various environmental issues such as climate change and marine pollution. To enable both the industrial development and environmental preservation, eco-friendly environmental changes are required in mobility and energy, etc. that are essential to human lives.

    Unitech is contributing to the environment through extensive development in sectors such as mobility and energy. In addition, Unitech is continuing its utmost efforts in development-manufacturing environmental management.

  1. 01

    Main developments of green industry

    Development of multi-material adhesive for green mobility Development of adhesive for LNG/liquefied hydrogen transportation

  2. 02

    Reinforcement of workplace environment management

    Reduction of discharge from wastes and chemical substances Reduction of carbon emission

  3. 03

    Reinforcement of resource recycling

    Emphasis on separate discharge of wastes in the workplace Emphasis on reusing packing containers

  • Realization of people-oriented values


  • Unitech takes into consideration the effects that a company may have on the society, and endeavors to make more fundamental and positive changes. We strive to create more quality jobs as well as improving the working conditions for our employees.
    We aim to become a partner to the regional society through the continuous contribution of various social activities.

  1. 01

    Work environment for the employees

    The respect for human rights and a comfortable working environment HR development and training for the employees

  2. 02

    Safe workplaces for employees

    Sophistication of the employees safety & health management system Strengthening the awareness of employees’ safety & health

  3. 03

    Social contributions for communities

    Practice of regular contributions and encouraging employees to contribute to the society Development and management of novel social contribution activities

  • Realizing the values of trust and responsibility


  • Unitech endeavors to become a corporation trustworthy to its customers and to the regional community.
    Various ESC certifications/trainings are conducted for this purpose, and Unitech strives for a more systemized, material sustainable management.

    In addition, through transparent governance, Unitech is continuing the consistent, and effective efforts for sustainable management.
    Moreover, responsible supply chain management is being carried out through sharing/encouraging ESG management to the supply chain including the raw material suppliers.

  1. 01

    Sophistication of ESG Management

    Increase of ESG awareness in employees Practice of transparent management

  2. 02

    Governance Transparency and Ethical Management

    Satisfying diversity in Board of Directors composition Taking strong measures towards anti-corruption and unethical issues

  3. 03

    Responsible Supply Chain Management

    Sharing ESG management with vendors Management through monitoring