KBS Special ‘2022 Junggyeonmanri’, Searching for the Answer to Corporate Growth

  • 2022.10.22
  • 508

A time to contemplate what direction domestic enterprises of middle standing should take to lead the future of Korea with differentiated technology and creativity. Actor Lee Tae-gon, the first host of KBS Current Affairs & Culture, presents the 2nd episode of "KBS 7- Episode Special 2022 Junggyeonmanri' - Searching for the Answer to Corporate Growth." Let’s meet 2 middle standing enterprises that are taking the lead in the global market with their extraordinary creativity and technological prowess.

UNITECH is a middle standing enterprise with unique technology in adhesives for automobiles, ships, and other industrial purposes. It was the first to localize automotive adhesives, which relied only on imports, and succeeded in developing LNG ship adhesives for the 2nd time in the world. With its unique technology, it currently has a global market share of 95%. In particular, in the field of LNG ship adhesives where precision technology is concentrated to the extent that it is called the flower of ship technology, UNITECH's products boast of excellent adhesion and airtightness functions, contributing to the development of domestic LNG ship technology and the improvement of competitiveness as well as replacing imports by 100%. In addition, based on its unique adhesive and sealant manufacturing technology, it is entering the aerospace field after automobiles and ships. UNITECH's adhesive was also used in the fuel tank of a satellite rocket launch vehicle launched last year to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of KAIST. Recently, in response to next-generation mobility, it has also developed heat dissipation adhesives for EV(Electric Vehicles) batteries and is making inroads into the US and European markets.